TooDee – at work

Welcome. I am a vfx compositing artist (flame/nuke) for commercials and feature films.

My professional career started out at Spans&Partner (Hamburg), learning 3D animation and compositing. The primary focus went into composting by learning “flame” and working on several commercials, trailers and my first feature film project. Since 1999 I am working freelance on flame&smoke systems and Nuke mostly in Germany and occasionally Austria and Spain on numerous commercials and some feature films in the early 2000`s. My preferred working areas are full cg, plate photography composting and grading. I like to manage projects and offer on set supervision.

Since November 2013 I am also working as an consultant & Head of Compositing for Infected Postproduction in Hamburg.

Contact information for Germany&Spain:

Daniel Brylka
Harksheider Strasse 11
22399 Hamburg
+49 172 437 21 63 /
Skype: daniel.brylka

Commandante Morales León, 2, 4°A
41008 Sevilla

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