Blender 3.4 alpha and OCIOv2 new beta config

Blender 3.4 alpha is now available. And this week just in time for Siggraph there is an updated OCIOv2 beta (pre-realease) that is ready for testing with Blender and other OCIO supporting Apps. I will test the new releases on MacOS on an Intel iMac27″ from 2020 and a M1-Max MBP from 2021.

The ACES 1.2 release candidate is the last version that will be available for the OCIOv1 framework. Newer OCIO configs that support the OCIOv2 framework are at a pre-release state at the moment. I will try to stop using the OCIOv1 configs and switch over the OCIOv2 configs.

I updated the links and paths in the articles: