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Right now, this page is mostly about Photography. Here I present some links to my photo galleries.

Seville Expo walk – October 2015

A hot late summer day to sweat and „shoot“ in my favorite city Seville. Enjoy!



The Airport Days in Hamburg 2015

A sunny summer day was perfect to „shoot“ some planes in bright daylight. Enjoy!



Shopping time in the market of Valencia

After a two day shoot in Teruel I had some hours in the morning before the flight back to Hamburg. Here they are.



A one day shoot in Altengamme

I was attending a commercial shoot in Altengamme in June. Here are some impressions from an old house.

Check the gallery…


Hafenrundfahrt April 2014

Hafenrundfahrt April 2014

Some more Hamburg harbour pictures but this time from a boat trip in April 2014. Follow the link…


Hafengeburtstag 2013

Hafengeburtstag 2013

The weather wasn’t the best this day – so only a few good pictures this year.
But anyway, hope you like them. Here they are


Schweden 2013

Schweden 2013

Our last summer holidays in Sweden 2013. (Part One)

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  1. Hallo.

    Brylka is polish last name.
    I’m looking for Brylka family.

    Do You know Your roots?
    Do You know, if your grandparents are Polish?
    From Wieruszów city?

    Best Regards
    Piotr Bryłka

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