TooDee – at work

I am a VFX compositing artist (flame/nuke) for commercials and feature films. My professional career started out at Spans&Partner (Hamburg), learning 3D animation and compositing. The primary focus went into composting by learning “flame” and working on several commercials, trailers and my first feature film project.

Since 1999 I am working freelance on flame&smoke systems and Nuke mostly in Germany and occasionally Austria and Spain on numerous commercials and some feature films in the early 2000. My preferred working areas are full cg, plate photography composting and grading.
I like to manage big projects and offer on set supervision.

From November 2013 I am also working as a consultant and Lead Compositing Artist at INFECTED GmbH in Hamburg.

Since 2016 I am heavily involved in adopting ACES at INFECTED. Until today I spend a lot of time on that subject. Fruits of that work you can find here.

Contact information:
Daniel Brylka
Harksheider Strasse 11
22399 Hamburg
Phone: +49 172 437 21 63
Skype: daniel.brylka
USt-ID: DE198681912

Contact Information for Spain:
Daniel Brylka
Calle Rafi Herencia 2, 4° A
41008 Sevilla

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