HDR gallery

How to create and view HDR content on a 2020 iMac 27 with FCPX 10.5. and Resolve Studio 17 beta.

On this page I am presenting my little HDR clips collection that I created in the last months. These are all tests to help me understand how to create and control the HDR output of content for different platforms. My interest in HDR was growing in the last years and in 2020 I got finally the change to explore the topic further. If you are interested how I got here, you can find a longer article called “My HDR experience“.

My test results so far, what works and what not.
  • viewing HDR here on the page with iPhone X-12 in Safari
  • viewing HDR clips from Vimeo embedded and in the App
  • viewing HDR clips in the YouTube App, but not embedded on this page
  • I can post HDR clips in LinkedIn and Twitter (Fleets), but only SDR content is finally shown.
  • Instagram does not support HDR to my knowledge at all.
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HDR test clips

Blender 2.91beta cycles rendering to HDR

You need to view this page on an iPhoneX to 12 in Safari (but not from a link inside another app) to see the HDR content properly. Otherwise only a SDR version is presented to you. If you “view” HDR, you will notice the difference.

This short clip was created and rendered in Blender (ACES). Then I graded the clip in FCPX 10.5 and exported the HDR clip to Vimeo.

Exported frame from a Blender rendering in ACES (sRGB). This is SDR.
Exported graded clip from FCPX (HDR-WideGamut project). This is HDR.
Still frame from another angle. (SDR)
Same animation, just another angle. (HDR)

Download link – needs to be tested if this works on Android devices.

9×16 social media format test

I also created a 9×16 version for mobile devices. Sadly the embedded YouTube link does not work in HDR. Only a SDR version of the HDR clip is shown. It only works directly in the YouTube app on iOS (from what I can test at the moment).

Embedded clip to the HDR version, but does not work for me. Only the SDR version appears. You need to click the direct link below.

YouTube link to the HDR version.

Embedded on this page works only a SDR version.

Blender Cycles rendering converted to HDR.

HDR test clips from the recent article “lazy compositor“.

I am “fighting” with Resolve Studio. The HDR viewer on a iMac 2020 is not working properly. The image looks vastly different than the output. In this regard FCPX works better at the moment. I could be that the viewer in Resolve Studio adds another unwanted view transform. I don’t have an external HDR monitor to do further tests yet.

Export of the “lazy” comp from Nuke in ACES (sRGB).
Blender cycles still frame rendering, graded in Resolve Studio 16.2.7.
Blender cycles still frames renderings, graded in Resolve Studio 16.2.7.
Still frame from a turntable rendered out from Nuke in ACES (sRGB) with an exposure compensation of 0.75 stops.
The turntable clip graded and rendered out from FCPX as a ProRes 4444.

Test – ProCreate neon logo converted to HDR

This was a little tutorial exercise that my girl-friend did on a iPad Pro with ProCreate. I wanted to see how I can use a display referred neon logo and convert it to HDR. I tried different approaches with FCPX (HDR-WideGamut) and Resolve Studio (ACES 1.1 / ST-2084 Rec.2020 1.000 Nits P3D65limited).

A neon logo created by Rosa Rodriguez.
PNG to ACES – Resolve Studio HDR ST-2084 (1.000 Nits P3D65 limited)
PNG to FCPX WideGamut HDR output

more tests coming soon…