This subdomain of toodee.de is a shortcut to check HDR media on Apple’s devices with EDR technology. It works on most recent Apple devices with the latest iOS/MacOS versions installed.

Lastest news: Instagram supports HDR content in their Reels? I uploaded some content in my Reels and now it is sometimes bright and sometimes not. Strange…

A quick test:

View the image below and then click on the following clips to view a small animation that is encoded as an HDR signal. YouTube and Vimeo support HDR content on certain browsers like Safari or Chrome.
When the neon font appears a lot brighter, then your device can display HDR content that is embedded on this WordPress website.

In case it does not work and the neon font is not appearing brighter, try to view the clips directly on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com by clicking on the links in the videos.

This is a standard dynamic range or so called SDR image.
This is a HDR encoded clip uploaded to YouTube. Some Macs can also display HDR content directly in Safari.
This is the same clip as the YouTube link, but uploaded to Vimeo.

Did it work? Update spring 2022:

This page works as intended when it is viewed in Safari on an iPadProXDR or the new M1 MBP with an XDR display. But only with the YouTube links, not the Vimeo links anymore.
This page worked also on my previous iPhone 11 Pro, but it does not on the newer iPhone 13 Pro. I do not have a clue why this happens.

On iOS (15.5) I can see the intended image when entering the iOS YouTube or Vimeo App.

An iMac 27″ from 2020 or a MBP from 2018 does not show embedded YouTube links in HDR with Safari, but with Google Chrome it works just fine.

I found a thread on MacRumors about this issue.

On MacOS (12.4) I can see a bright HDR image in the Vimeo desktop application, which plays back videos in a small window next to the menu bar only.

All the pages related to HDR content need to be viewed directly in Chrome or Safari (it is not working in a browser within the Facebook or LinkedIn Apps as of December 2021) in order to watch the embedded Vimeo clips in HDR/EDR.

Watching HDR content seems always possible via the native Vimeo or YouTube Apps on iOS and also on Android devices.

Getting an overview

Each time a new device or a new operation system comes out, I basically need to test everything again. Over the last year some features get enabled and disabled os its hard to keep track what works and what not at the moment. So I started these overview sheets.

HDR/EDR capable DeviceOS versionSafari / YouTube (embedded in WordPress)Safari YouTube.com (my channel)
M1 MBP XDR (2021)12.1xx
iMac 27″ (2020)12.1xx
M1 iPadPro XDR15.2xyes, in the YouTube app
iPhone 13 Pro15.2no, not working anymore, but it worked on an iPhone 11 Prox
Samsung S10???
YouTube on MacOS, iOS and Safari.
HDR/EDR capable DeviceOS versionSafari / Vimeo (embedded in WordPress)Safari / Vimeo.com
M1 MBP XDR12.1– (only in the Vimeo desktop app)
iMac 27″ (2020)12.1– (only in the Vimeo desktop app)
M1 iPadPro XDR15.2x
iPhone 13 Pro15.2yes, in the Vimeo app
Samsung S10???
Vimeo on MacOS, iOS and Safari.
HDR/EDR capable DeviceOS versionYouTube in Chrome (embedded in WordPress)Vimeo in Chrome
M1 MBP XDR12.1x
iMac 27″ (2020)12.1x
Samsung S10???
YouTube and Vimeo on MacOS with Google Chrome

Here are two useful links to learn more about HDR content on the Mac and the EDR technology:
Displaying HDR Content in a Metal Layer
Explore HDR rendering with EDR from WWDC 2021.

More demos rendered with Blender.

On iOS devices it works for sure when watching the clip in the YouTube app.
Why not keyframe the three light situations and create a light animation. Rendered with the AMD ProRender engine.
The same light animation, different shaders and rendered with Cycles in ACEScg.

Click here to read why I suddenly rendered a statue.

My test results so far, what works and what does not:

  • viewing HDR in Safari with an iPhone 11Pro, but not on an 12 or 13!
  • viewing HDR clips from Vimeo in the native Vimeo App
  • viewing HDR clips in the YouTube App on mobile devices.
  • I can post HDR clips in LinkedIn and Twitter, but only SDR content is finally shown (automatic down-conversion of the format)
  • Instagram does not support HDR to my knowledge at all, but it is already accepting HDR videos from the new iPhone 12 generation. Theses videos are down converted to SDR automatically.

HDR articles

My interest in HDR was growing over the last years and in 2020 I got finally the chance to explore the topic further. Check out:

More EDR/HDR stills images examples

Barcelona holiday trip 2016 – slide show

HDR (If it is presented visibly a lot brighter on your smartphone display.)
Same clip as above, but from YouTube that allows to watch HDR content directly on the Mac with Safari.

Hamburg Hafencity – Toyota Prius – slide show

Vimeo – EDR/HDR works with Safari on iPhones only on this page.
YouTube – EDR/HDR works with Safari/BigSur on selected Macs on this page.

Here is also a link to download the clip.

Barcelona night shoot – slide show

Vimeo HDR/HD clip with a demo corner logo.
The same edit as above, but uploaded in HDR/UHD to YouTube.

More clips can be found on the HDR-Gallery page.

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