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Compression Series

A long story…

Right now I don’t even remember when I started this series of articles. The main goal was to have a clip or TV spot on a autodesk flame system seen on a reference video display, then create a MP4 file for agency/client review and be sure that they see the same that I see.

This was quite a “stupid” goal not understanding how many moving targets (operating systems and system color management, encoding tools, player software, display gamuts, video standards etc.) you need to hit first before you could be sure that “they” see what “you” see.

I focussed on the creation of the MP4 files with different tools and comparing different players.


I know a lot more about this topic and I can tell you a lot of things that didn’t work some years ago and some which work today…but that’s all. 🙂

But please read the articles, maybe you can find something useful.


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