1.4.1. Blender 4.1 & OCIO v2-release

Setup Blender 4 to work with OpenColorIO-Config-ACES 2.0.0 (Release)

The second release candidate for the new OCIOv2 configs are available.
Here is the announcement on ACESCentral.com.

I want to test the new config in Blender in the same way I did in the past with the OCIO V1 configs. The instructions can be found on the previous page and also here in a shortened version:

  • Download the OpenColorIO-Config-ACES 2.0.0 from this link:
  • github.com/AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenColorIO-Config-ACES/releases/tag/v2.0.0
  • This time the download contains nine .ocio config files:
  • cg-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.1.ocio
  • cg-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.2.ocio
  • cg-config-v2.1.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.3.ocio
  • reference-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.1.ocio
  • reference-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.2.ocio
  • reference-config-v2.1.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.3.ocio
  • studio-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.1.ocio
  • studio-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.2.ocio
  • studio-config-v2.1.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.3.ocio
  • Place the config in your user folder or on a server location.
  • On macOS I use Automator to create an App called “Blender_4_OCIOv2”. In this app I use a shell script to set the OCIO environment variable and start Blender.
  • I am used to have all the IDTs and ODTs in one config, so I am testing out again the studio-config.

MAC “Automator” script

export OCIO=/Users/daniel/MEDIA/OCIO/OpenColorIO-Config-ACES-2.0.0/studio-config-v2.0.0_aces-v1.3_ocio-v2.2.ocio

cd /Applications/Blender/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/


Blender starts now with the new config. Happy Blending…