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1.5.1. Blender 4.0 & AgX

Blender 4.0.x is shipping with a new OCIO v2 config that replaces Blender FILMIC (OCIO v1) with AgX.

Here is a post on “Xitter” about the topic from Andrew Price.

I also received an Email with a question how to set the “Color Management” settings for AgX in the new release.

So I decided to put this little guide here on my blog.

General settings

The working colourspace in Blender works best in linear-Rec.709/sRGB. This should be the recommended setting for the Sequencer.

I do a lot of tests in ACEScg with different OCIO configs, but be aware of a lot of short comings when using these big gamuts. Some of the general issues I noted down here (the page needs an update urgently).

For MacOS there seems to be now some kind of EDR support. The option is greyed out on my iMac, but I can still enable it, but I haven’t played with it yet. There seem to be some problems with the implementation at the moment. Another thread can be found here.

Working on MacOS with a Display P3 screen

I am working on MacOS on a Display P3 capable screen, so my “Color Management” settings should be the following:

  • Display Device – Display P3
  • View Transform – Standard or AgX
  • Look – choose a desired look “None”, “Greyscale” or “Punchy” for AgX
  • The looks – very low contrast to very high contrast are meant to be used with the older FILMIC view transform.
  • Sequencer – Linear Rec.709 (the working colour space)

Make sure that the “Color Management” settings are set to the values that make sense for your workflow.

Working on Windows with a sRGB display

That should be it…happy blending…