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holiday links (06/2023)

During a two weeks summer break in Seville I took the time to study a bit of 3D rendering background. I found a YouTube playlist from the Technische Universität Wien about the topic: “TU Wien Rendering / Ray Tracing Course“. The course is super interesting, great that this kind of knowledge is available for free.

I am subscribed already for quite some time to the channel “Two Minute Papers” from Károly Zsolnai-Fehér and enjoyed some of his short videos.

I also watched some videos about the Mitsuba 3 renderer.

It was used to generate some test images for the ACES 2.0 CAM DRT Development thread on

I used that renderings to generate some comparison videos for the discussions on the ACESCentral thread. I wanted to see these renderings through different image formation pipelines like ACES 1.2, ACES 2.0 dev035, ARRI Reveal, Baselight’s T-Cam and AgX in SDR and HDR.

I also found another video on YouTube called “Practical Aspects of Spectral Data in Digital Content Production – SIGGRAPH 2022”. This is very technical.

Already before the holidays I found this presentation called “The Full Spectrum of Virtual Production“. Some of the concepts are explained in the Siggraph video as well.

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