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  • last project of 2023:

    The last project I worked on in 2023 was for the new NIO ET9 launch film. A shortened version can be seen on the NIO YouTube channel. The full 90s version can be found on the NIO ET9 official website via the watch film button.

  • HDR – holiday cleanup ’23

    With macOS Sonoma (14.1) and iOS/iPadOS (17.1) it was time again to review the subdomain and the HDR-Gallery page. There is no new content, but after I checked the pages on all my Apple devices again with the latest OS updates I found that HDR is better supported than ever. I also removed a…

  • OpenColorIO-Config-ACES 2.0.0 available (09/2023)

    There is a new OCIOv2 config available. Check the link for the updates. The name of the release is a bit confusing again, because the config contains: For me as a MAC user with Display P3 screens, the following feature could be important: “DisplayP3 Related Colorspaces and Display Rendering Transforms”. But I need to test the…

  • Blender 4.0 – now with AgX

    Blender 4.0 will be shipping with a new OCIOv2 config.In addition to Blender FILMIC there will be a newer view transform called AgX.As Blender 4.0 is still in an alpha stage, the defaults in the color management area are a bit strange at the moment (3rd of September 2023). Here is a little guide how…

  • summer projects: 2023

    My first project this summer: Mc Donald’s Big Mac with Katalyst Hamburg. A new campaign for Sixt with Markenfilm / Infected. A new campaign for Tamaris at FJUL, Hamburg.

  • projects: 2023 (till may)

    Here is a collection of the most recent projects I worked on. Part 1 & 2

  • holiday links (06/2023)

    During a two weeks summer break in Seville I took the time to study a bit of 3D rendering background. I found a YouTube playlist from the Technische Universität Wien about the topic: “TU Wien Rendering / Ray Tracing Course“. The course is super interesting, great that this kind of knowledge is available for free.…

  • Following pixels from Resolve to YouTube

    In this blog post I wanted to see how I need to set Resolve on my iMac so that the image that I see in the Resolve viewer looks the same when I export a Pro Res file of the timeline and view it in Quicktime. And I explored the next steps that are necessary…

  • Easter links

    Here are some interesting YouTube and website links: Color Inconstancy, Chromatic Adaptation, and Scales of Color Appearance A Beginner’s Guide to (CIE) Colorimetry

  • more projects of 2022

    For one of the first projects in 2022, in February I was attending a shoot for a Bosch/Markenfilm/ production for 10 days in Prague as the VFX supervisor. The project is finally out now on Social-Media and YouTube.