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Autodesk Flame – SpeedCheck

2022 – updating for flame 2023… 

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Finally I am in the process to update the Flame – Speedcheck benchmark again. It has been a while. I was very happy to see that the benchmark is alive and kicking in the forums at

So I got motivated to give the page a little update with more to follow soon I hope….

Autodesk Flame – Speed Check 2018

Here is a render of the old benchmark from 2018. I found out that there is a new version out there that was updated for flame 2020.2. This benchmark is now UHD@23.976 instead of the old one that was HD@25fps.

And here is already a second render with the latest archive I could find. I restored it into a fresh ACES project, set all the colorspace settings properly and added some gain overall on the top layer. This is a HDR version of this benchmark.

ACES-HDR render of the updated benchmark.

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