Holiday links (10/2022)

I like to store and share some links that I found interesting and useful in the last months. Here they are:

A new OCIO v2 config called AgX and a video explaining some of the ideas behind it.
A three part series about the new display rendering transform AgX.

Some interesting insights in DSLR camera native file or also called RAW files.

Another interesting video about camera RAW and some insights into the capabilities of DarkTable.

I watched this video 20 times, but I am still too dumb to repeat the same steps with a scan that I made with Scaniverse or PolyCam. One day I will hopefully understand the right workflow.

All the steps are easy to understand, but I still fail to make them work for me.

I bought the PDF to support the efforts from Grzegorz Baran.

A PBR Color Reference List for Materials.