Instagram supports HDR content in Reels?

Some days ago I got a message from my fellow HDR nerd friend Finn Jäger (REPLAYBOYS). He found an Instagram Reel that shows brighter contend as usual. This is the start on HDR content on Instagram?

After testing around a bit, I think Instagram supports only HLG encoded content at the moment. I tried PQ content as well, but I can watch it only as SDR content.

I uploaded some older HDR story content that I created again as a Reel and I can see the content bright on my display. It seems it takes a while to transcode the files and some people see still only the SDR content for a while. But then, the Reel sticks out, because the previous and next posts looks more dull.

I guess it is just a matter of time now, before all the Instagram content is going to be presented as bright as possible. Poor batteries 🙂