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Holiday updates

I thought it was time to finally switch the WordPress theme of this site to the new default theme “Twenty Twenty-Two”. I find the overall look is a bit cleaner but I struggle still a lot with the new menu structure. I do not find it intuitive at all.

Also some effects in galleries of the CoBlocks Plugin failed and I needed to repair some older pages so that they look kind of okay again.

I also make some little changes to the subdomain landing page

It is very frustrating to explore HDR content on websites, beause with every new OS, browser or hardware update suddenly some feature unexpectedly work and other which worked before all over sudden stop working.

It is a moving target. And with Instagram introducing HDR content in Reels there is even more to learn and explore and again the feature is very unpredictable at the moment. I don’t find any official information about how, when and what works regarding HDR Reels.

I hope next week Apple’s WWDC will finally mention some of the HDR features for video and stills. Till today HDR media capability is still labelled an experimental feature in Safari.

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