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  • Red Star on Cyan (part 4)

    One image – four blog posts and one and a half years later. I think I can finish looking at this image for a while now. I finished part four of a series of blog post that I thought would fit into one post initially. But the deeper I peeked into the issues with this […]

  • Blender 3.2 update

    Blender 3.2 is out and has a lot of new features. One of them is the color space override in the Scene/Output section. This was a good opportunity to test out a little scene that I have set up. So you could view the left image in Blender … …but actually render out the right […]

  • Holiday updates

    I thought it was time to finally switch the WordPress theme of this site to the new default theme “Twenty Twenty-Two”. I find the overall look is a bit cleaner but I struggle still a lot with the new menu structure. I do not find it intuitive at all. Also some effects in galleries of […]

  • Instagram supports HDR content in Reels?

    Some days ago I got a message from my fellow HDR nerd friend Finn Jäger (REPLAYBOYS). He found an Instagram Reel that shows brighter contend as usual. This is the start on HDR content on Instagram? After testing around a bit, I think Instagram supports only HLG encoded content at the moment. I tried PQ […]

  • Red Star on Cyan

    “Available” now in Display P3, HDR and Rec.2020 I finished the second blog post for the new section “Exploring HDR Displays“. When you can see a difference in the following two images, then please continue reading the new post “Wide Gamut and HDR”. If not, then… also read it 🙂 Plus, the journey continues beyond […]

  • New versions – new fun

    macOS 12.3 Monterey brings Metal support to Blender and my 2020 iMac with AMD graphics and there is the first OCIO V2 config that I somehow get to run in Blender 3.2 Alpha. Here is a small setup guide to run Blender and the new OCIO V2 pre-release config. As the names indicate, it’s all […]

  • My longest commercial shoot so far

    10 days in Prague, 6 shooting days – a great experience I was offered to attend this commercial shoot in Prague by for Markenfilm Hamburg. The fantastic service production UNIT+SOFA made me feel safe during COVID times and it was an honor to be a part of the great crew on set. Special thanks […]

  • Autodesk Flame – SpeedCheck

    2022 – updating for flame 2023…  Finally I am in the process to update the Flame – Speedcheck benchmark again. It has been a while. I was very happy to see that the benchmark is alive and kicking in the forums at So I got motivated to give the page a little update with […]

  • 2022 – new section and new articles on the horizon

    Happy new 2022! In my WordPress site I have several topics that I started in 2021 but I was not able to finish. I am looking forward to present them hopefully in the near future. The new topics are not directly related to ACES, that’s why I created a new section called “Exploring HDR displays” […]


    got a small update. With the new versions of the operation systems MacOS Monterey and iOS 15 I need to check again on which devices HDR is supported. There are some strange changes.For example I could always show my demo files on the iPhone 11 Pro. Now I got a new iPhone 13 Pro and […]