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  • Need more options? – try Blender and AgX.

    Here is a little “How-To” use Blender with a different OCIO config called AgX.

  • holiday links (10/2022)

    I like to store and share some links that I found interesting and useful in the last months. Here they are: A new OCIO v2 config called AgX and a video explaining some of the ideas behind it. Some interesting insights in DSLR camera native file or also called RAW files. I watched this video […]

  • new article: Working colourspace implications

    I am happy to have finished another article that was long in the making. I even had to stop working on it and finished the article One scene – many images before. But somehow it made sense, because this article was still also in the middle of some thought processes. But here is now the […]

  • OCIO v2 – 1.0.0 available

    This evening I saw on that the download for OpenColorIO-Config-ACES 1.0.0 is available now. I updated the article Blender 3.4 alpha & OCIO v2 accordingly and I will start soon to do some tests in Blender and Nuke. The ACES 1.2 release candidate is the last version that will be available for the OCIOv1 […]

  • HDR-holiday cleanup

    Autumn is here and so there will be soon new Apple OS versions. In the upcoming weeks there should be coming the MacOS Ventura and the iPad 16.1 releases. Of course I will do some HDR tests once the updates are available. In the meantime I cleaned up the subdomain and the HDR-Gallery pages. […]

  • One Scene – many images

    comparison of different view transforms / display rendering transform / output device transform Beginning of this summer I started an article, but somehow it was never finished. I added lots of images, but the context was missing. Now I revisited the article and finished it up. I took just one simple rendering from Blender and […]

  • Red Star on Cyan (part 4)

    One image – four blog posts and one and a half years later. I think I can finish looking at this image for a while now. I finished part four of a series of blog post that I thought would fit into one post initially. But the deeper I peeked into the issues with this […]

  • Blender 3.2 update

    Blender 3.2 is out and has a lot of new features. One of them is the color space override in the Scene/Output section. This was a good opportunity to test out a little scene that I have set up. So you could view the left image in Blender … …but actually render out the right […]

  • 2022 – new section and new articles on the horizon

    Happy new 2022! In my WordPress site I have several topics that I started in 2021 but I was not able to finish. I am looking forward to present them hopefully in the near future. The new topics are not directly related to ACES, that’s why I created a new section called “Exploring HDR displays” […]


    got a small update. With the new versions of the operation systems MacOS Monterey and iOS 15 I need to check again on which devices HDR is supported. There are some strange changes.For example I could always show my demo files on the iPhone 11 Pro. Now I got a new iPhone 13 Pro and […]