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  • H(DR)ello

    Here are some Quicklinks to the articles that are most important to me at the moment. Everything else you can find here by scrolling down or checking the menu in the upper right corner: Panicpost – commercial break HDR.toodee.de – a little subdomain which features only HDR content – updated in January 2021 SDR next […]

  • The “lazy” compositor

    Use the “winner” HDRI from the previous article and render a car with “no” compositing effort. The previous article was already a bit long, so I split it up into two parts. Here it now the second part. I go over the preparation of the footage, render a car model and place it in the […]

  • Theta Z1 vs. Canon 7D

    A direct comparison, shooting brackets back to back on a parking lot. It’s been a while that I wrote the last article in the color chart series. Actually it was January this year, but like it feels like years ago. This time I stick to my “best” workflow using CaptureOne for the RAW to TIFF […]

  • Unfair grading comparisons

    Too many times you can this on social media: I took a look at what each step means in a new article:Flat vs. Graded = Wow?

  • Apply 3D-LUTs in Flame and Nuke in ACES

    Just some days ago I found a question in the facebook Logik group about how to apply a preview look LUT in flame when working in ACES. I had to do this already sometimes, so I could help out amongst others, but for sure I will forget about it in the next weeks and won’t […]

  • Understand Resolve color management

    with some help from Nuke. A look at Resolve and what the basic controls do to your image: without color management, when using a 3D-LUT and what changes when Resolve is switched to ACES. 2.5.3. Understanding Resolve Color Management with Nuke

  • HDR content – first tests and my HDR experience

    B-Log: My HDR experience Read the full article about my first HDR experience. Looking for feedback! I found out that I can link a HDR-Vimeo video here on the website and watch this HDR content on a iPhone (X or 11Pro) directly on the page when viewed with Safari. I don’t even have to be […]

  • ACES & the sRGB-Texture IDT

    Taking a texture from the “screen” and bringing it inside the “scene”. In this article I focus on the sRGB-Texture IDT and the right usage in Nuke or 3D packages. Please find the article in the menu Understanding ACES: “2.7. The sRGB-Texture IDT“

  • Blender Filmic to ACES

    Converting a simple scene with some textures and a HDRI Here comes another project that I wanted to check out and test. Can I take a very simple scene that I created in Blender out of the box and convert it to render it in ACES? For me it worked out smoothly in this case. […]

  • Moving into a bigger gamut

    This a another new entry in the menu Learning ACES:“1.8. Moving into a bigger gamut“