FCPX SDR and then HDR

First test of the “TooDee ColorBars” for ACES with FCPX

Checking out my new ACES ColorBars in FCPX 10.4.8 in a WideGamut HDR project with a Dolby PQ output.

After a long time I added a new entry about FCPX.
Before I reached here I was checking out first the color processing pipeline of FCPX in the default “Standard Rec.709” library and also the Rec.709 output in a Wide Gamut HDR library.

1.1. FCPX from SDR to HDR

1.2. FCPX HDR Dolby PQ

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TooDee ColorBars ACES


TD_ColorBars_v10 set up in Nuke-OCIO-ACEScg and seen here with a baked in Output Rec.709 view transform.


Linear sRGB

TD_ColorBars_v05 set up in Nuke-Default and seen here with a baked in sRGB gamma curve.

I finally got the time to finish up some more stuff. I created new ColorBars in ACES to be used for future tests. I was using them already testing out HDR in Final Cut Pro X (10.4.8).

2.5.1. TD_ColorBars_ACES

Animation of the gain to show the dynamic range in the ColorBars_v10

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More ColorCheckers

The next article is finished. It belongs to “Part 2” of the ColorChecker series. This is a deeper comparison of five different ways I tried to get the “best” HDRI result using different tools to process the RAW images.

I am “afraid” I have to continue doing more tests. Read it here and find out why.

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ColorChecker – Part 2

I am very happy with the new WordPress Theme and the reorganization of the menu structure. It is fun to write new content for the site.

But first I added some feedback from ACESCentral where I also post my articles. A little summary can be found now at the end of the first ColorChecker article.

Here is the second part of the ColorChecker series.

HDRI from a rooftop in LA.

The film starts with the shots of the falling of a blue cloth covering a building.
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DPX & log formats

On my ongoing project at the moment (after the holidays) I have to deal with camera footage from RED RAW, Sony Venice MXF, DJI-DNG and more H.265 drone footage.

So I wanted to know how much specular highlight data supports each camera log format. Please continue here.

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Happy new Year 2020

From now on I will to update the Blog more regular. Watch out for more…

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Big overhaul

Quick, the new decade will start soon.

After some days ago I switched to the new 2020 default WordPress theme, I continue to go through all the pages and articles – changing them finally all from the Classic-Editor to the new Gutenberg Block-Editor, updating the menu structure and renaming pages to make the site more accessible.

The biggest change is in the PanicPost menu. I split the ACES menu into “Learning” and “Understanding” as the list of items was getting too long. Also the names of each page were too long and not very good to read. Especially on a mobile device.

I am working on the second installment of the Colorchart topic.

And last but not least I will update the page I dedicated to my deceased father. At the moment it is only a notification about his death in 2016 – I have already a new page in the works about his last exhibition in Leipzig in the summer of 2013.

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“B-log” :)

Maybe I could use a blog? This idea never occurred to me before. What do I want to do here? Instead of writing only long articles or webpages I could also write here shorter snippets of information that I like to share. Let’s see where this goes…

I call it B-log instead of Blog because its a nerdy name, so fits me and I understand why BlackMagicDesign calls its own log format BlackMagicFilm and not B-log 🙂

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Hello again…from 2013

…testing the “new” 2020 Theme…

At the moment I am checking out the 2020 default theme of wordpress – so the layout might change from time to time…but all the pages are there…


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