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  • projects: March/April 2021

    This month there were some small jobs, helping out here and there for Mercedes EQS, AboutYou, Vaillant, Zalando and Deutsche Post/DHL.

  • house keeping

    The menus of this site were getting too crowded with entries over time. I rearranged some of the menu points and brought three topics up on the main menu structure: HDR.toodee.de Learning ACES Understanding ACES I hope in this way the site is easier to navigate again.

  • projects: February 2021

    After a quiet January without any project, here is the first project of 2021 for Deutsche-Post and DHL. The main task was to “paint” the building outside yellow and slightly altering the age of the actor in one shot plus some display inserts. A fun one week job. https://www.markenfilmberlin.de/index.php/benjamin-brettschneider-dpdhl-vogelcheckt/ The second project for the month […]

  • project review: 2019-2020

    One of the longest projects I have ever worked on: The VW project for the new ID.4 started in November 2019 and I worked on it (with a long corona pause) until July 2020. The project contains two campaigns for two versions of the car. The format mix of 25 & 50 fps on the […]

  • Checking the Colorchecker

    A more detailed look into photographs of a colorchecker. This latest article took long to write. Up to now I always used my colorchecker (A.) as intended and it was helping my efforts to exposure balance HDRIs to background plates. After all the working steps I could add a 3D render into the background plate […]

  • project: December 2020

    The last project of the year. The tasks for this job included set supervision, team lead and nuke comp and flame online. Other recent work can be found here.

  • Hello 2021

    This site got updated to the latest default WordPress theme “Twenty Twenty-One”. Hope you like it. When I think back what sites I visited the most in 2020 (related to nerdy stuff), where I spent the most of my “free” time reading, learning and participating, I came up with this small list of links: ACES […]

  • A first iPhone 12 HDR clip

    I got my hands on an iPhone 12 (non Pro) and had to try immediately the new HDR mode in 4K@30fps. On my iPhone 11 ProMax the result looks quite good, on an 2020 iMac27 the quality of the video looks not that great. Click on the Vimeo link and compare the image brightness of […]

  • projects: November 2020

    Here are two projects I worked on in the last weeks. The tasks included team lead and nuke comp. Other recent work can be found here.

  • Resolve Studio HDR tests

    Why can’t I see a proper HDR preview on an iMac2020/MBP2018 UI screen? In FCPX this is possible. For some time now I am testing with HDR content in FCPX and Resolve Studio. FCPX works best for me with Alexa LogC material in HDR/WideGamut projects. In Resolve I set the project to ACES 1.1 and […]