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  • Hello 2021

    This site got updated to the latest default WordPress theme “Twenty Twenty-One”. Hope you like it. When I think back what sites I visited the most in 2020 (related to nerdy stuff), where I spent the most of my “free” time reading, learning and participating, I came up with this small list of links: ACES […]

  • A first iPhone 12 HDR clip

    I got my hands on an iPhone 12 (non Pro) and had to try immediately the new HDR mode in 4K@30fps. On my iPhone 11 ProMax the result looks quite good, on an 2020 iMac27 the quality of the video looks not that great. Click on the Vimeo link and compare the image brightness of […]

  • projects: November 2020

    Here are two projects I worked on in the last weeks. The tasks included team lead and nuke comp. Other recent work can be found here.

  • Resolve Studio HDR tests

    Why can’t I see a proper HDR preview on an iMac2020/MBP2018 UI screen? In FCPX this is possible. For some time now I am testing with HDR content in FCPX and Resolve Studio. FCPX works best for me with Alexa LogC material in HDR/WideGamut projects. In Resolve I set the project to ACES 1.1 and […]

  • H(DR)ello

    Here are some Quicklinks to the articles that are most important to me at the moment. Everything else you can find here by scrolling down or checking the menu in the upper right corner: Panicpost – commercial break HDR.toodee.de – a little subdomain which features only HDR content – updated in January 2021 SDR next […]

  • My HDR experience

    From zero to three HDR displays without buying a new one and Apple hopefully pushing the topic for this year’s WWDC event. introduction Sometimes the head gets full and a good way to make space again is to note everything down. This has been happening over the past weeks and here is my personal experience. […]

  • HDR content – first tests and my HDR experience

    B-Log: My HDR experience Read the full article about my first HDR experience. Looking for feedback! I found out that I can link a HDR-Vimeo video here on the website and watch this HDR content on a iPhone (X or 11Pro) directly on the page when viewed with Safari. I don’t even have to be […]

  • Happy new Year 2020

    From now on I will to update the Blog more regular. Watch out for more…

  • Big overhaul

    Quick, the new decade will start soon. After some days ago I switched to the new 2020 default WordPress theme, I continue to go through all the pages and articles – changing them finally all from the Classic-Editor to the new Gutenberg Block-Editor, updating the menu structure and renaming pages to make the site more […]

  • Hello again…from 2013

    Hello again…from 2013

    …testing the “new” 2020 Theme… At the moment I am checking out the 2020 default theme of wordpress – so the layout might change from time to time…but all the pages are there…